BREAKTROUGH! Successful threatment with the femto-laser

We are happy to announce that the research team lead by Dr. Tassignon has made a major breakthrough regarding treatment for floaters using the femto-laser.

On 15.09.2017 it was confirmed at Ghent University that it is possible to treat vitreous floaters in vitro using the femtosecond laser. They now know which type of laser wavelength works best.

EFRO will update our website very soon with more details.  

14 thoughts on “BREAKTROUGH! Successful threatment with the femto-laser

  1. Hello this is good news, if the femtosecond becomes successful at treating floaters, will this help people around the globe, not sure how this works. I live in Canada and praying something will help soon, as mine are very disabling:(

  2. Very thanks for your research and good news. I have a slightly better spirit right now.
    I am 25 y. o. and eye floaters I have 2 years. Worst thing in my life, I must be still in dark. Finally some doctor does not say: it is nothing, all is ok.

    Once again very thanks for your research.

  3. Thank you very much for this research. You are my only hope for normal live. In my 24 years I got many floaters in both eye. I can be only in dark room. Outdoor I go only if I really need. I am now 26 yo and live with it is realy nightmare. Doctors only say it is nothing, all is ok. I will never understand how doctors can consider hundreds of floaters are nothing.

    I try after salary do some little donating.

    Once again realy thank you for this research, god bless you.

    Nice night/day

  4. Hello from France, happy to hear that kind of news !
    Can you give us more details about your recent discovery ?

    Thank you !

  5. Hi, I would like to get some updates on the breakthrough as I would like to set up a monthly donation. Thank you!

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