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Dear Floaters-followers,

Thank you very much for your kindness. We are as eager as you regarding updates to Dr Tassignon’s research, but unfortunately it takes some time before we get updates.

We would very much like you  that we could get updates a bit often, but her investigations involve everything from patents to potential partners. Therefore, it may take some time before we get good and useful updates from Dr Tassignon.

However, it is important to remember that her research is in the right direction, and is already in phase 2. That means, “Proof of concept” has already been done, in other words; her research for floaters works!!

She sent us an email at the beginning of October, where she wrote that the work around the patent is in the final phase, and we can expect that the heavy work around the patent will be done very soon! After that, it would be more easy for us to bring you updates regarding the research.

We will of course update you as soon as there is some new information, but as we have said since 2016, everything goes in the right direction. Dr Tassignon collaborates with the Ghent University and she has also established a collaboration with a German company that is already working with femtolaser for floaters. This is going to be fine!

Dr. Tassignon has said yes to be interviewed in  a podcast with Eye Floaters Action Movement. We recommend checking them up on Facebook and Itunes.

We have been asked questions about what happens to our donation side: We work to arrange a better donation-system.  We will come back about this shortly.

4 thoughts on “Floaters update

  1. Hello.

    im interested in your treatment.
    Because i have suffered many floater for 1year.

    so let me know when Dr, Tassignon treat floaters to patients.
    i am difficulty in overcoming my floaters.

    Look forward to hear good news.

    Thank you.

  2. That’s exciting news! Keep up the great work. Your site is a great resource and I have a feeling this type of treatment is coming one way or another.

  3. Please be honest with me,

    Is this anothet YAG laser treatment which is not a right solution for floaters or this is really a good way to real solution? Please be honest. My life became torture with floaters. It is not the same life. It is living in darkness. We suffer.

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