Answers from Dr. Tassignon

Dr. Tassignon has now answered questions from our Facebook page. Her feedback can be read below.

When can we expect the first tests on human eyes?
– This is too early to be answered

The femtosecond laser will work on the entire vitreous body, not on single floater, right? 
– Correct

Is it possible nano eye drop can heal eye floater?
– No

Is floaters can be reduced by a herbal supplement?
– No

Is there a natural way to reduce eye floaters? No I saw a video in youtube using eye exercises and put ice in their eyes afterwards. I looked at the comment section some people said their floaters is reduced some don’t. The explanation of the expert is they use ice to sink back the floaters at the back of the eye.
– No, Floaters can change over days and months.This is just a natural phenomenon

Will the new method work on all types of floaters, regardless of age and location?
Directly on the mid-vitreous floaters and indirectly on the premacular floaters by increasing liquefaction and trying to promote posterior vitreous detachment

 What are the chances, today, that your research will provide a large-scale available care in the next 4 years? 

– This might be quite realistically high

2 thoughts on “Answers from Dr. Tassignon

  1. Is having a pvd a good thing? I thought this was a negative and I got my weiss ring from having a pvd in my left eye. I had it removed from my left eye but the translucent floater in my right eye was too close to the retina and the dr said he could not treat it. Would this be treatable with your femtosecond laser?

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