What we do

The Eye Floaters Research Organisation strives to find and support researchers with ophthalmological knowledge willing to start research that leads to a safe and effective cure for eye floaters.

The only current options to treat eye floaters are a vitrectomy and YAG laser treatment. A vitrectomy is an operation which exposes the patient to possible eye risks. No randomized controlled study has been done yet to study the exact amount of complications but complications after vitrectomy for floaters have been been described with even bad outcome in some cases. Another approach is YAG laser teatment which is only applicable to a minority of floater indications. The advantage of the YAG laser floater approach above vitrectomy is the low complication rate but the disadvantage is the reduced therapeutic efficacy.

No natural methods help to eliminate floaters either. Eye floaters don’t fade away over time. They either remain the same or increase, but don’t decrease.

We don’t give personal advice on what caused floaters, how to cope with them, nor how to treat floaters with a vitrectomy or YAG laser. We focus solely on trying to get research started on vitreous eye floaters to solve this condition more safely and effectively.