Who we are

I am Knut Michael Haugland and I am the President of the Eye Floaters Research Organisation (EFRO).

12062997_192996551034236_1937476644_aOur organization strives to find a non-surgical cure for vitreous eye floaters.

As an eye floaters sufferer I decided to set up this organization to so that this eye condition can get taken more serious and that we can have a safe and effective treatment within a few years time.

I was very surprised to find out that eye floaters are considered benign in the ophthalmological field, meanwhile having eye floaters can cause much physical, psychological and emotional suffering.

The current ophthalmological treatments are limited and/or risky and hardly any research was taking place before we set up our organisation.

I work on this organisation together with a small group of volunteers.

The Eye Floaters Research Organisation is based in Oslo (Norway) and is officially registered here too.